If I've made errors, please correct me!

And let me know the names of the riders I couldn't identify.

PNTA 7&8, Ioco, B.C.

  Patricia Cooper Chessy Knight   Ted Green

Ron Walsh     Dan Blagovich  
Jim Shive   Doug Moore Paul Brodie Aaron Fisher

Franz Klement   Nick Hill    
      Ted Green Ted Green

Chessy Knight Jesse McDowell Jesse McDowell Ben Hircock, Jr. Bill Sparks
Iain Walton Brad Drawhorn Guy Smeeth Pete Bustin Pete Bustin

Andrew Watson Stan  Bakgaard Ryan White Dave Craig & Jimmy Andy Motherwell
Gary Lawver   Jesse Curtis   Kevin Dufoult
Stan Bakgaard Wilson Craig

Wilson Craig

Ron Ringuette Luke Matlack
Luke Matlack Ben Hircock, Jr. Ben Hircock, Jr. Ben Hircock, Jr. Guy Smeeth
Brad Drawhorn Brad Drawhorn Gary Lawver Andrew Watson Bill de Garis
Wilson Craig Wilson Craig Wilson Craig Dave Fair Jeff Stites
Jeff Stites Don Doerksen Christy Williams Ben Hircock, Sr. Stan Bakgaard
Stan Bakgaard Devon Dargis Max Nelson Max Nelson  




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